Thread Tap Set 1/4-20 BSW

$47.15 AU inc GST

Thread Tap Set

Size: 9/16-12 UNC

Drill Size: 12.2mm

Orientation: Right Hand


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Thread Tap Set

Size: 1/4-20 BSW

Drill Size: 5.1mm

Orientation: Right Hand

Goliath is one of Australia’s most trusted and valued names for high quality, high speed threading solutions. Use Goliath tap sets for tapping steel, aluminium, plastic, brass and more. Goliath thread tap sets include Taper, Intermediate and Bottoming taps at a discounted price. Also available for sale in individual tap units if required.

Taps are used to create a new thread thread or to repair a damaged or worn out thread in any material. When you are tapping a new thread, use your pilot drill size as recommended (+ or – 0.2mm is fine) followed by first the Taper tap (starter tap) then the Intermediate tap (middle tap) and finally the Bottoming tap (finishing tap).

If repairing a thread, an intermediate tap will often do the job but it does depend on the type of hole (through hole, etc). For best results it is recommended to use all 3 tap types in proper order.

Goliath taps are a high quality, high speed solution for tapping and can be used alone to create or fix your thread, but to improve the ease of use and life of your taps it is recommended to use a cutting fluid or paste. Goliath provide a suitable product called RapidTap for this job.

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