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Abrasives and Cutting Discs for Construction and Industrial use

We stock the PFERD AUSTRALIA product range of abrasives:

  • Files
  • Burrs
  • Mounted Points
  • Fine Grinding and Polishing Tools
  • Diamond and CBN Tools
  • Grinding and Cut Off Wheels
  • Reinforced Grinding Wheels
  • CC-GRIND Grinding Discs
  • Cup Wheels
  • Ring Wheels
  • POLIFAN Flap Discs
  • Cut-Off Wheels
  • Diamond Cut-Off Wheels

If your business does not currently use PFERD products, then contact Searle Fasteners on (08) 9457 5444 for more information or even a demonstration on selected products. It may be possible for an onsite demonstration with your staff.

Searle Fasteners specialise in supplying a comprehensive range of abrasives and cutting discs for construction and industry. In addition to fasteners, screws, nuts, bolts and tools for all industries including mining, oil and gas, construction, building and general engineering. Our Perth warehouse contains in excess of 20,000 different products. We stock many difficult-to-find ‘specialist’ fastener products. In addition, we are able to source stock from around Australia.

We have the knowledge to assist you in sourcing the correct product for your project, from individual items to bulk orders, you can rely on Searle Fasteners to deliver.

Product and technical information:

Abrasives and Cutting Discs

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Abrasives and cutting discs Perth

Abrasives and Cutting Discs for Construction and Industrial use

Abrasives and cutting discs are crucial tools in construction and industrial applications for shaping, finishing, and cutting various materials. They are used to remove excess material, achieve specific surface finishes, and create precise cuts.


  1. Definition:
    • Abrasives are materials, often minerals, that are used to shape or finish a workpiece by wearing away unwanted material through friction.
  2. Types:
    • Grinding Wheels:
      • These are composed of abrasive grains bonded together to form a wheel. They are used for heavy material removal and shaping tasks.
    • Sanding Discs and Belts:
      • These are typically coated with abrasive particles and are used for finishing tasks, smoothing surfaces, and removing imperfections.
    • Emery Cloth and Sandpaper:
      • These are sheets of paper or cloth with abrasive particles adhered to them. They are commonly used for hand sanding.
    • Wire Brushes:
      • Wire brushes have metal bristles and are used for tasks like rust removal and surface preparation.
    • Abrasive Wheels and Points:
      • These are specialized abrasives used for detailed work, such as deburring and polishing.
  3. Applications:
    • Metalworking:
      • Grinding, deburring, and polishing metal components.
    • Woodworking:
      • Sanding and shaping wooden surfaces.
    • Automotive:
      • Preparing surfaces for painting, removing rust, and other detailing tasks.
    • Construction:
      • Surface preparation for painting or coatings, smoothing concrete surfaces, and cutting bricks or blocks.

Cutting Discs:

  1. Definition:
    • Cutting discs, also known as cutting wheels or blades, are abrasive tools used for cutting through various materials.
  2. Types:
    • Metal-Cutting Discs:
      • Designed specifically for cutting through metal, these discs have a higher concentration of abrasive grains for efficient cutting.
    • Masonry-Cutting Discs:
      • These discs are designed for cutting through materials like concrete, brick, and stone. They have a thicker profile for added durability.
    • Tile-Cutting Discs:
      • These discs are designed for cutting through ceramic tiles. They have fine, diamond-coated edges for precise cutting.
    • Concrete-Cutting Diamond Blades:
      • These blades have diamond-tipped edges for cutting through hard concrete, asphalt, and other similar materials.
  3. Applications:
    • Metalworking:
      • Cutting through metal pipes, bars, and sheets.
    • Construction:
      • Cutting bricks, concrete blocks, and other masonry materials.
    • Tile and Stone Work:
      • Precise cutting of tiles and stone for installation.
    • Woodworking:
      • Cross-cutting and ripping wood.


  • Material Compatibility: Ensure that the chosen abrasive or cutting disc is suitable for the material being worked on.
  • Safety Precautions: Always follow safety guidelines and use appropriate protective equipment when working with abrasives and cutting discs.
  • Size and Thickness: Select the right size and thickness of the disc for the specific application.
  • Speed and RPM: Ensure that the tool’s speed is compatible with the recommended speed of the abrasive or cutting disc.
  • Regular Maintenance: Inspect and replace worn or damaged discs to maintain efficiency and safety.

Using the correct abrasives and cutting discs for construction and industrial tasks is crucial for achieving precise and efficient results. Always follow manufacturer guidelines and industry safety standards to ensure the safe and effective use of these tools.


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