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Lubricants and Sprays for Construction and Industrial use

Searle Fasteners specialise in supplying a comprehensive range of lubricants and sprays construction and industrial use including WD-40, CRC, Lanotec, Trefolex, Tef-Gel, Relton and Rapid Tap. In addition to fasteners, screws, bolts and tools for all industries including mining, oil and gas, construction, building and general engineering. Our Perth warehouse contains in excess of 20,000 different products. We stock many difficult-to-find ‘specialist’ fastener products. In addition, we are able to source stock from around Australia.

We have the knowledge to assist you in sourcing the correct product for your project, from individual items to bulk orders, you can rely on Searle Fasteners to deliver.

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Industrial Lubricants Perth

Lubricants and Sprays for Construction and Industrial use

Lubricants and sprays play a crucial role in construction and industrial settings, helping to reduce friction, protect against corrosion, facilitate smooth operation, and improve the overall performance and longevity of machinery and equipment.


  1. Grease:
    • Definition: Grease is a semi-solid lubricant composed of a base oil, thickener, and various additives. It is used to provide long-lasting lubrication in applications where oils may not stay in place.
    • Applications:
      • Bearings and bushings.
      • Gears and gearboxes.
      • Chains and cables.
      • Automotive applications.
    • Types:
      • Lithium-based, calcium-based, aluminum complex, and others, each suitable for specific applications and environmental conditions.
  2. Oil:
    • Definition: Oil-based lubricants are liquids that provide lubrication by forming a protective film between moving parts.
    • Applications:
      • Hydraulic systems.
      • Gearboxes and transmission systems.
      • Engines and compressors.
    • Types:
      • Mineral oils, synthetic oils, and semi-synthetic oils, each with specific properties for different applications.
  3. Dry Lubricants:
    • Definition: Dry lubricants, such as graphite or molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), come in powder or spray form. They provide lubrication without the need for a liquid carrier.
    • Applications:
      • High-temperature applications.
      • Areas where liquid lubricants may attract dust or dirt.


  1. Penetrating Oils:
    • Definition: Penetrating oils are low-viscosity lubricants designed to creep into tight spaces and free up rusted or stuck components.
    • Applications:
      • Loosening rusted bolts and nuts.
      • Lubricating hinges and locks.
    • Characteristics:
      • High capillary action for better penetration.
  2. Anti-Corrosion Sprays:
    • Definition: These sprays provide a protective coating to prevent corrosion on metal surfaces.
    • Applications:
      • Rust prevention on exposed metal surfaces.
      • Protection of tools and equipment stored in humid environments.
    • Characteristics:
      • Corrosion inhibitors create a barrier against moisture and environmental elements.
  3. Contact Cleaners:
    • Definition: Contact cleaners are used to remove contaminants, dirt, and debris from electrical contacts, switches, and connectors.
    • Applications:
      • Maintenance of electrical equipment.
      • Automotive electronics.
    • Characteristics:
      • Fast drying and residue-free to prevent electrical malfunctions.
  4. Silicone Lubricants:
    • Definition: Silicone-based sprays provide lubrication and protection for various surfaces.
    • Applications:
      • Lubricating plastic, rubber, and metal components.
      • Water-proofing and preventing sticking.
    • Characteristics:
      • Resistant to high temperatures and harsh chemicals.
  5. Adhesive Lubricants:
    • Definition: Adhesive lubricants provide lubrication while also offering adhesion properties.
    • Applications:
      • Lubricating chains and cables.
      • Preventing wear on high-friction surfaces.
    • Characteristics:
      • Sticky or tacky consistency for prolonged lubrication.


  • Compatibility: It’s crucial to select lubricants and sprays that are compatible with the materials and components they will be used on.
  • Environmental Factors: Consider factors like temperature, humidity, exposure to chemicals, and potential for dust or dirt accumulation.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that the chosen lubricants and sprays meet industry standards and regulations.
  • Application Method: Different lubricants and sprays may require specific application methods, such as spraying, brushing, or dipping.

Choosing the right lubricants and sprays for construction and industrial use depends on the specific application, environmental conditions, and the materials involved. Following manufacturer guidelines for application and maintenance is essential for optimal results and to ensure the safety and effectiveness of these products.

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