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Socket Screws for Construction and Industrial Use

Searle Fasteners specialize in supplying a comprehensive range of socket screws for construction and industrial use. In addition to fasteners, standard screws, bolts and tools for all industries including mining, oil and gas, construction, building and general engineering. Our Perth warehouse contains in excess of 20,000 different products. We stock many difficult-to-find ‘specialist’ fastener products. In addition, we are able to source stock from around Australia.

We have the knowledge to assist you in sourcing the correct product for your project, from individual items to bulk orders, you can rely on Searle Fasteners to deliver.


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Socket Screws, Stainless Steel Socket Screws, Carbon Socket Screws, Perth, Western Australia

Socket Screws for Construction and Industrial Use

Socket screws, also known as Allen screws or Allen head bolts, are a type of fastener that is used extensively in construction and industrial applications. They are characterised by a cylindrical head with a recessed, hexagonal-shaped socket that is designed to be driven using an Allen wrench or hex key.

  1. Design:
    • Socket screws have a unique head design that allows for high torque transmission, making them ideal for applications where a secure and tight fastening is crucial.
    • The recessed socket provides a flush surface, which is beneficial when aesthetics or a smooth finish is important.
  2. Material:
    • Socket screws can be made from a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel. The choice of material depends on factors such as the environment, load requirements, and corrosion resistance needed for the specific application.
  3. Types:
    • Socket screws come in various types, including socket cap screws (with a rounded head), socket button head screws (with a slightly rounded top), and socket flat head screws (with a flat top). Each type is designed for specific applications.
  4. Applications:
    • Construction:
      • They are used in structural applications where high strength and secure fastening are required. This includes attaching steel beams, brackets, and other components.
    • Machinery and Equipment:
      • Socket screws are used in the assembly of machinery, equipment, and tools. They are chosen for their ability to provide a strong and reliable joint.
    • Automotive and Aerospace:
      • They are commonly used in both industries for applications ranging from engine components to aircraft assembly.
    • Electronics and Electrical:
      • Due to their compact size and secure fastening capabilities, socket screws are used in electrical panels, control boxes, and other electronic devices.
  5. Advantages:
    • High Torque Transmission: The recessed socket allows for high torque application, making socket screws suitable for applications where a tight and secure fastening is critical.
    • Flush Finish: The recessed socket provides a flush finish, which can be important in applications where protruding fasteners are undesirable.
    • Tamper-Resistant Options: Some socket screws come with specialized drives or features to deter tampering or unauthorized removal.
  6. Considerations:
    • It’s important to select the appropriate material and size of socket screw for the specific application, taking into account factors like load requirements, environmental conditions, and any regulatory standards that may apply.
    • Proper torque settings should be used during installation to ensure a secure and safe fastening.

Overall, socket screws are versatile fasteners that offer secure and reliable joints, making them essential in construction and industrial settings where strength and stability are paramount.

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